Tourist Arrivals in Nepal Soar to Historic Heights

8 Nov. Kathmandu, Nepal is witnessing an unprecedented surge in tourist arrivals, with the Nepal Tourism Board and the Department of Immigration reporting an astounding 117,306 visitors in October. This remarkable milestone represents a groundbreaking record for monthly tourism in the country.

Maniraj Lamichhane, a Director of the Nepal Tourism Board, stated that the last time Nepal observed such a high volume of tourists in a single month was in October 2019, with 113,000 arrivals. This year, that record has been not only matched but surpassed.

A significant number of these visitors are coming from neighboring countries, including India, Bangladesh, China, and Sri Lanka. Notably, there’s also a substantial increase in non-resident Nepalis returning from the United States and Europe.

In October, India led the way with 18,480 tourists, making it the top source country. The United States followed closely with 14,879 visitors, and the United Kingdom secured the third position with 8,217 arrivals.

Moreover, China, Australia, Germany, France, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Italy all contributed significantly to the influx of tourists to Nepal.

For the year-to-date figures, between January and October, Nepal welcomed an impressive total of 809,678 tourists, as reported by the Nepal Tourism Board. This upswing in tourism represents a positive sign for the country’s travel industry and its economic prospects.

Photo : Nepal Tourism Board

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