Nepal’s Electric Power Exports to India Surpass Rs 4 Billion in the Last Month

8 Nov, Kathmandu, In a remarkable feat, Nepal has successfully exported electricity valued at Rs 4.02 billion to India within the past month. This substantial achievement contributes to a grand total of nearly Rs 12 billion in electricity exports to India since May.

Over the span of three months, the average electricity export rate to India has remained steady at Rs 10.27 per unit. Notably, in May, Nepal exported electricity worth Rs 400 million to India in just five days, followed by an impressive Rs 1.757 billion in June. The average rate of electricity export to India during May and June was recorded at Rs 9.67 per unit.

The Nepal Electricity Authority has been actively engaged in exporting surplus electricity to India, primarily harnessed during the rainy season after satisfying domestic demands. Approximately 110 MW of electricity is being supplied to India through competitive channels in the day-ahead market of the Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) and via medium-term power agreements. The electricity exported to India predominantly contributes to the energy requirements in Haryana.

Photo : Nepal Electricity Authority

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